November 27, 2015

*I’ve decided to post my last text to my girls back home who have been my rock this past year, and we have been equally as supportive to eachother on this rollercoaster. You can still choose your family…

Dear Island,

Miss you all. Been back to being sick again and just trying to get rest. It’s hitting how much I miss you guys as much as I do but the countdown to my return has begun. Less than 2 weeks, fingers crossed. I was in tears all day yesterday. I don’t regret my travels, it’s actually done wonders on my anxiety and I haven’t even been taking xanex with me anymore just for the safety.

But I still miss you and thank goodness for wifi keeping me abreast (had to) of your crazy awesome lives. Andre, who is more than understanding, has been on call to pick up when my cramping and sweats of my body being beaten down is debilitating…and also helping me hablo español to prep for Cuba. Met his mom yesterday who I call MeNéna on FaceTime who showered me with gold and Burton hoodies and loves me even tho she is a ruthless columbian with a love for her son. She normally despises the “girls” he dates. I am apparently a “woman.” Which is such a weird description to my young mentality and crazy. She’s rad (as I follow that up with rad;) and thinks I’m loca.

And with the holiday, the only restaurant on the island serving turkey was a %#?* of a woman that used to live in Miami who served an appetizer of walnut pâté with Ritz crackers for 400 peso, about $25/plate…in a fucking third world country. Ok, not 3rd, but a fucking 5mile Long Island. More expensive than the shitty frio filet I had last week. So instead I took my newfound German bestie and bought her dinner for $30US at a sick Mexican chicken place and she was so excited when I took care of the bill cause she now had money for both yogurt AND a beer today.

She’s become my family here when I’ve missed you guys so much. The last two years of me growing and aging has been a change for sure, knowing what I have learned to find important to my taste while also settling down and has effected my traveling. Ive become more of an outsider looking in which is great for my people watching. But makes me miss my connections back home much more. I love you guys. Yesterday was an emotional day but today is another new day waiting for adventure and so happy I have you guys on my shoulder to support my fucking nuttiness! Love you!

Everyone else?  Be jealous of my anchors…my #Island!