And a possible fractured skull...Whoops. We'll let the doctors look into that.

Devon was raised using her hands.  Building houses and plowing streets in rural Ohio gave her the grit, but competing as a world class Trampolinist is what gave her the flounce.  Camera in hand, she graduated at the top of her class, earning a BFA from Syracuse University.

Later, with only a duffel bag, she moved to New York City, where she began to develop here signature street style which has now developed to encompass action sports and lifestyle photography.  Her style is distinguished by an ability to camouflage herself in the story, to blend in with the environment in order to capture a moment’s essence.  Although she works in all areas of photography, it’s anti-gravity that she lives for.  As she says herself, “It’s the moments that seem impossible that make my photos actually possible.”

She is most comfortable with being uncomfortable and always says she mostly enjoys, "To travel without a concierge."

Moving forward, she has been expanding on her love of photography and the art behind; opening up her lens to fine arts/galleries, advertising, and all things video.

Devon’s work has been featured on magazine covers and billboards around the world. The world’s largest action sports retail show, ASR, has featured her as their trendsetting photographer/artist.  Most recently, Red Bull Illume named her one of the top photographers in the world and printed her work in a limited edition book sold worldwide.  

Although mostly known for her photography, Devon's passion is also with Non-Profit.  Her brand has worked with such organizations as Keep A Breast, Movember, Sheckler Foundation, Caring For Cambodia, and is looking forward to helping with Athlete Recovery in the near future.  

She finds it important that attention needs to be paid to help the athletes that keep us all entertained by going to the extreme. It's a demanding industry in the action sports world to go bigger and better especially since the attention it has received in the past few years. Whether suffering brain injuries or needing emergency airlifts; Devon understands the injuries that come with the sport where she has suffered spinal injuries and was nearly paralyzed several times while training for the Olympic Trampoline Team as a kid.

Truly an international artist, Devon enjoys the support of several worldwide companies like GoPro and Redbull, but as grounded as this girls is, she will always be a dreamer with her head in the clouds.