Yesterday had only become more exciting. I don’t know if it was the idea of me missing a day of writing now that I feel on the upswing or it’s the hilarity of me trying to talk “scandalously,” my beau on a stolen internet signal right as the entire block had a blackout. Made me think it may have been my bad behavior and karma;) 

But it’s nothing compared to my German bestie who took me and my new found Aussie to an amazing market/local hangout restaurant. Of course she told us stories that her doctor concluded she was only going to Egypt on her travels for young men. And when she went for a massage…a young man showed up in nothing but a “penis cover,” (in my own words). Maybe the doctor made a call…

So there’s that. Just 24 hours of blackouts, dirty time, and strange yet exciting Egyptian men.


What else happened? Well, I got them tacos I spoke of earlier. 


I finished my night with a Sunset and market beers. Followed by peeing in the ocean of course…


But yesterday was suppose to be me biting the bullet and buying my Cuba trip, getting final advice and to stop being an asshole and delaying. I spoke to the man last night who is a great sounding board and he understands my disappearance because I needed just that. I couldn’t do it in LA. Getting nagged by everyone and their mother for half off shoots or free GoPro contacts. Actually, half the time I email clients…they have never even checked their final product but they still like to stress me the fuck out. 

I started feeling guilty for paying $11 a night to sit in a hostel and half the time not make a move (aka 2 weeks) till I decided the guilt wasn’t necessary last night. 

So I am only planning on waiting till I feel 100% and I’ll do 5 days In that country that I shouldn’t technically be blogging about til it has less restrictions…and then diving cenotes and back to that stressful lovely city I call home and my floating campsite…the boat!

With feeling better and less guilty, last night I devoted myself to the sweaty dance floor with Vlad and had a blast and woke up this morning to buying a hat cause I don’t have enough already with Brooklyn Hat Company being my sponsor:/ but it came with a free shot of tequila…so had to.


 I also buy my feelings when hungover…